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Emme started as a passion project, with the intention of smashing barriers to women’s health, specifically reproductive freedom and choice while ensuring the efficacy of The Pill.  In a category of little to no innovation since the 1950s, we wanted to create an integrated lifestyle brand that lives up to that promise. Our strategy was to approach the device through a decisively disruptive lens. If she loves the look and feel of her Emme Smart Case, afterall, she’s more likely to take it with her, leaving her less likely to miss a pill. The branding evolved from that as the anchor— the online experience, packaging, the go-anywhere solution to pill tracking—the app... Particularly during a time when women’s reproductive rights are at risk, Emme is proof of the power of branding to do good.

KEY DELIVERABLES: strategy / creative direction & branding / naming & tagline / brand voice / product development & design /  packaging design / art direction / web design / collateral design / social media & advertising